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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg
CBD Gummies THC Free 1500mg
CBD Muscle Relief Cream 300mg


Nature sustains life, health and wellness.

Our mission is simple — to provide the community with wellness products that are derived from nature, completely safe and of the highest quality available. We care deeply about our mission and earning the trust of those we serve.

Organically Grown in the USA

100% All natural ingredients

Lab tested

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Hemp CBD

KindUrth™ CBD comes from organically grown hemp sourced responsibly from licensed Growers in the USA. Our products are 100% natural, vegan, non-GMO and are thoroughly tested and verified by reputable third-party laboratories. Lab Reports can be found here.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg
CBD Gummies THC Free 1500mg


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Featured Customer Reviews:

“I wear my FitBit monitor to bed every night to track my sleep patterns, quality, and duration. That’s how I know these CBD gummies are working so well for me. Oh, and they’re absolutely delicious (seriously, I wish I could eat them like candy!!)”

— Vanessa G.



“I am now using your Muscle Relief Cream and it is working really well! I am so glad to have found this product.”

— Sarah B.


“I was interested in CBD products due to all the talk, but skeptical as well… This product really works! I recommend this topical cream.”

— Jane



“What a difference! I’ve been using another brand’s tincture for 3 months and decided to give your full spectrum tincture a try. Well, bottom line, I’m not going back! Fantastic flavor, albeit subtle and not anywhere close to overwhelming like the other brand. I can FEEL a difference that I didn’t before. Keep up the good work!”

— Hayden


“The full spectrum 1000mg has really helped me. I’m also a huge fan of the muscle cream!”

— Bart B

“I have been using Kindurth for over 4 months now and it has been life changing to say the least. Achieving and maintaining homeostasis is key. Love the gummies and all the different flavors too!”

— Michelle A.




“I’m on my 3rd or 4th bottle and keep coming back for more! A great product – try it yourself – you’ll love it!”

— Ryan


“I tried the cream with the attitude, “what the heck, why not?”… I literally was amazed at the results!!! I’m sold! I love the CBD Sublingual Oil as well!!! Thank you, KindUrth, I am your number one fan!!!”

— Liza P.


“My wife researched multiple web sites selling CBD products and chose Kindurth for product quality verified by third party testing. The cream worked great. I feel better about using CBD cream, than taking pain pills or other drugs. I recommend this product.”

— David A.



“I’m fully recovered after a 12hr flight! Absolute must have product!”

— Mishelle

“This product has helped bring some much-needed relief to my 89 year old mother. The cream has been gentle on her very tender skin whereas lidocaine patches caused irritation. I am extremely grateful (and so is my mom!). What a wonderful product, and what superb staff.”

— Susan T.


“The Kindurth gummies have helped myself and my husband! They are gentle and calming and taste great too! We feel better rested when we wake in the morning! Love them!!!!”

— Kristy V.


“I am so excited to have found such a high quantity and effective product. It also give me such confidence knowing that I’m getting the relief I’ve been looking for from natural products!”

— Luaunna


“I have tried other CBD products and this is the first brand that really helps me. I love the taste and consistency of the Gummies and I take one during the day as needed. I am a big fan of KindUrth!”

— Sharon




“have so far tried several products from this company (gummies, oils and cream), and have found them to be consistently high quality and pleasant to use as far as taste, texture, and smell. That has not been the case with other companies’ products I have tried. I am so far very satisfied with Kindurth.”

— Janet M

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