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What’s New:

  • Best in Class Commissions Tracking! Your Customer, Your Commissions. Once a Customer of yours places an order through your unique URL link one time, all future orders from that Customer’s email address (regardless of where the order is placed) will automatically track to your Ambassador Account. This applies even if the customer does not use your unique URL link on that future purchase! As always, we recommend you keep track of all orders you’ve referred so we can stay in 100% alignment!
  • Custom Landing Page URL! Your default custom URL Link is already set. You can change it at any time to something else in the Ambassador Dashboard area by changing the “custom slug”.
  • Custom Landing Page Ambassador Call-out! When a customer of yours clicks on your Ambassador Link, they will see your Landing Page. Your Landing Page will look exactly like our KindUrth.com Home Page and will also state: “You were referred by YOUR NAME” at the top.
  • Custom Coupon Code Linking! Reach out to us at hello@kindurth.com and we will create a 10% off custom coupon code which you can share with your Customers. This code automatically tracks all orders back to your Ambassador Account even if the Customer does not use your Custom URL link.
  • Creatives Available! Please see the library under “Creative” tab in your Ambassador Dashboard.
  • As a reminder, commissions are paid monthly on or around the 15th of each month.