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New Ambassador Platform, Exciting Enhancements for Active Ambassadors!


If you are already an Ambassador, please read below what you NEED TO KNOW and NEED TO DO. If you would like to apply please visit kindurth.com/ambassador.



Simple, Clean Ambassador Link URLs +
Your Own Welcome Landing Page!

Your new Ambassador URL is kindurth.com/r/YOURNAME and can be changed by you anytime in the new Ambassador Dashboard.  Now when your customer clicks on your link, they will see “You were referred by YOUR NAME” at the top of the page.

Improved Commission Tracking. Your Customers, Your Commissions!

Once a customer of yours places an order through your tracking link/URL one time…  they are YOUR CUSTOMER. Our new platform automatically tethers that customer to your Ambassador account. Any future order from that customer does not need to come through your tracking link/URL to be credited to your Ambassador account.

Coupon Code Linking!

Upon request, we are happy to create a 10% off coupon code for you to use in your marketing efforts. This will be linked to your account and once a customer of yours uses the code, that customer will be tethered to your account.

White-listing URL!

Upon request, we now have the ability to white list your blog or web page. So any customer order coming through an embedded link will automatically be credited to your Ambassador account and the Customer will be tethered to you.

Creative Library!

Be sure to check out our creative library with text copy and images which you can use in your Amabssador marketing efforts! This can be found under the Creative tab in the new Ambassador Dashboard.


Set Up Your Dashboard!

Visit kindurth.com/ambassador-area. Sign in using your email address and select “Lost Your Password”. You will then be prompted to create a new password and your account will be all set! We apologize for this extra work and we believe you will really love the new benefits.

Start Using Your New URL Link!

You will see your URL Link in your new Dashboard which is likely kindurth.com/r/YOURNAME. You can change it if you wish.



Q: During this transition, will I receive commissions for new or recent orders generated from my old Ambassador link?

A: Yes you will! We will access your previous Ambassador Dashboard and pay your commissions accordingly. Your old Ambassador Link will be live through 1/31/2020 so please notify your customers ASAP!

Q: Why are you making this change to the new Platform?

A: We are making this change to provide better commission tracking and unlock new features for our Ambassadors such as the custom landing pages.

Q: What if I do not set up my Ambassador Dashboard?

A: Any orders that come in through your new URL link will automatically be tracked to you even prior to setting up your Ambassador Dashboard.  However, we suggest setting up your Ambassador Dashboard as soon as possible.