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Can CBD Benefit Dogs and Cats, Too?


My boy Rusty, is a young, healthy and active Golden Retriever who I love beyond words. The main reason I give him CBD is to help support calmness during stress inducing events such as fireworks or trips to the Vet. When he is calm, we both feel a lot better.

These are some of my thoughts regarding pets and cannabidiol (aka CBD)

Our pets are important family members and it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer. We love our pets and want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible, but they can’t always tell us when something hurts or they’re afraid. When searching for natural ways to keep your dog or cat in top shape, have you ever considered if hemp-derived cannabinoids can also support the health of your pet?

More “pet parents” than ever before are looking for all-natural products to support the wellness of their aging and suffering cats and dogs. CBD hemp extract offers a great alternative, according to the growing collection of pet parent and veterinarian endorsements.

Although research is still in the early stages, many people are taking the initiative to support their pets with cannabidiol in advance of formal scientific proof. Anecdotal feedback thus far has been very positive and encouraging and many pet parents continue to turn to CBD for their pets.


CBD for pets receives high marks from vets and owners in survey

In a recent survey of professional veterinarians – with over 2,200 respondents – 83.2 percent either approve or strongly approve of CBD use for dogs. Another survey piloted by faculty of Colorado State University found similar opinions among owners of both cats and dogs. Of course, we also hear plenty of positive comments from our customers. In spite of the general confidence, though, you first must ask: Is CBD actually safe for my furry friends?

Studies on CBD safety profile for animals

Endorsement for supporting pet health with CBD springs mostly from observational data. On the other hand, science shows the safety of CBD in the multitude of pre-clinical animal trials designed to determine if cannabidiol is safe and effective for human use. In other words, while studying what CBD can do for people, pre-clinical trials on cats and dogs demonstrate that even very large doses cause little, if any, harm to the animals.

Most of these studies dosed animals at rates much higher than generally needed to empower your pets’ endocannabinoid system (ECS), and pet owners we talk to continue to affirm what the scientists have already learned from these pre-clinical animal trials.* Our main concern when it comes to CBD for your pets would be extraordinarily large doses and/or using products that either have artificial flavorings or come from foreign, non-organic sources.

Also, if you currently treat your pet’s seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, digestive issues or arthritis with pharmaceutical drugs, do consult your vet before giving them CBD. In large enough quantities, CBD isolate is said to have the potential to interfere with the metabolic outcome of certain medications. While this is common across many prescription drugs, the interaction of full-spectrum CBD has not been well-studied yet. However, from an observational standpoint, sensible servings of full-spectrum hemp oil seem fine. 

Pets have endocannabinoid systems similar to humans

Like all mammals, cats and dogs depend on their ECS for healthy homeostasis (metabolic balance) and immunity. The ECS is just as important to the physiology of our pets as it is to that of humans. When all is well, the ECS works beautifully on its own behind the scenes to help keep our pets’ systems in balance. However, the ECS can become overwhelmed, which is where CBD comes in as a way to support the ECS in its endeavors.

Just like humans, our pets’ internal systems can become challenged and/or compromised under the strain of many every day factors such as environmental toxins, food chemicals, prescription drugs or constant stress. You might think that your furry companions have little to worry about – other than thunder, fireworks and trips to the vet – but they live in the same tainted, fast paced and stressful environment we do.

CBD offers our pets support for their ECS by modulating endo (internal) cannabinoids to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors. As with people, their ECS may all benefit from the exo (external) cannabinoids found in CBD oil. While the active pathways may differ somewhat from humans, in the end, our pets may enjoy the benefits of CBD, just like we can, experiencing calmness and overall wellness relative to health challenges.*

If you’re interested in supporting your pet’s health with CBD, reports and experience verify that CBD oil drops for pets are fairly easy to deliver.

General usage and dosing guidelines for pet CBD oil

As always, we recommend consulting your veterinarian and doing your own research. Be sure to start slow and build up to the point where you begin to notice effects. While official dosing guidelines are not yet available, we follow these simple guidelines. Usually 1 to 2 drops per 5 pounds of body weight should get your pet started. Give them a few days at this level to get acclimated to the CBD. Then, if needed, increase the number of drops slowly until your pet displays the desired effects. If you have an enlightened veterinarian, follow their recommendations. In talking with customers, our observation is that some pets do well with once-daily servings, and others will fare better with 2 applications per day.

Because our Kind Pets oil has a very mild, earthy flavor, your dog or cat may relish taking the drops on their tongue. But if not, you can easily apply drops to their food, treats or water. No need to struggle with pill rejection!

Drops make delivery almost effortless. It’s like our animals somehow sense hemp CBD isn’t a harsh medication but rather a good thing for their health. We can’t say for sure, but maybe their instincts to fight our efforts to medicate them have a basis in reality.

Clean, natural support for your peace of mind

While the country waits for researchers to conduct and/or finish large-scale studies, pet owners can try our Kind Pets Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats. Like all of our premium CBD products, Kind Pets offers peace of mind with:

  •  100% Natural with hemp organically grown in the US by licensed farmers
  •  Third-party testing for purity by independent laboratories
  • Clean plants free of chemical pesticides, metals and molds
  • Vegan, non-GMO, organic and gluten-free ingredients
  • Zero artificial flavors or dyes
  • Limited ingredients… just Hemp Extract (Full Spectrum) and MCT (medium chain triglyceride derived from coconuts) and nothing else

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