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CBD for Exercise Compliance and Recovery

Cannabidiol’s special properties make it the perfect partner to keep your fitness plans on track.

Whether you’re a long-time gym rat or a “newb” looking to fend off the dad bod, you know you’re efforts only have meaning if you make your muscles hurt. But that’s not to say you’re looking forward to the discomfort or that you ever really get used to it. Who actually enjoys pain? But CBD can help you lessen the undesirable aftermath of good exercise while shoring up your dedication to it.

Soreness Proves the Pay-off

Straining muscles causes tiny micro tears, initiating EIMD or Exercise Induced Muscle Damage. Even the most practiced and dedicated fitness freak gets these micro tears that, when knit back together, become thicker, stronger muscle fiber. If you feel the effects pretty soon after your workout, all is going according to plan. But when your pain waits 24 to 72 hours after the workout to manifest, it’s called DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. A result of more trauma to the involved muscles, DOMS usually happens because you’ve done too much too soon.

Enduring the agony of DOMS and distress of EIMD is easy – if you’re Rambo. But we humans are hard-wired to avoid painful experiences. It’s only natural to embrace any excuse to remain sedentary rather than engage in an activity guaranteed to hurt, even mildly. The idea of returning to the gym can generate pre-workout anxiety.

Pre-workout routine with CBD


Regular CBD use promotes a strong endocannabinoid system (ECS). It works hand-in-glove with your endogenous cannabinoid system, keeping it toned and ahead of the EIMD before you even lift a dumbbell. Whether you prefer our premium sublingual oils, gummies or capsules, you should enjoy how it modulates serotonin levels to keep you calm and unafraid of rising above your comfort level. In addition to daily Kindurth CBD, here’s a good pre-workout regimen: 

  • Warm up for at least five minutes to get your heart pumping and your muscles ready to work.
  • Psych yourself up with positive self-talk, especially if you’re planning a tough routine – like leg day. This might sound silly (after all, you aren’t your own imaginary friend) but if it works for professional athletes, surely it can work for you, too. Sometimes, you just need to hear out loud that you are truly capable of amazing feats and how the rewards will make it all worthwhile.
  • Apply Kindurth CBD Muscle Relief Cream.  Because our cream is formulated with nano-encapsulation technology, it will penetrate the shield of your epidermis and reach deep into your muscles for rapid action.

Post workout with topical CBD Muscle Relief Cream

After the workout, I find the following tips offer the best way to reestablish homeostasis:

  • Stretching to stop the lactic acid release into your muscle cells. Remember, you need to hold stretches longer than you think. Be sure to stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors even if you don’t think you need to. They can always stand a good extension even on your off days.
  • Fifteen minutes of silent meditation to relax and make a smooth transition back to your busy day.
  • Icing any problem spots.
  • Rubbing more CBD cream to those areas you hit hard that day.


Kindurth CBD Really is So Much Better Because …

Our muscle cream formula includes other botanicals that work together with our nano-encapsulated CBD, making a team effort to promote happy muscles. We add Rosemary, Lavender, Arnica, Vitamin E and Menthol. Combined, this crew of natural plant extracts penetrates deep into tissues unlike most other topical products.

Additionally, we know the only way to truly deliver a superior and reliable CBD topical cream is to avoid the common industry shortcuts. Rather, we:

  • Select only the best USA hemp grown with strict organic farming methods
  • Take special care to use non-toxic processing methods and finishing techniques
  • Add a step to create nano-encapsulated CBD particles that successfully breach the barrier of your epidermis to reach muscle tissue
  • Have all of our hard work verified by a third-party lab for quality, purity and label accuracy.

You can easily improve your exercise recovery and training zeal when you incorporate Kindurth Muscle Relief Cream into your program. Shop for your supply today!



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