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The Earth provides. Our fruitful planet is rich with elements that sustain our life… from the sustenance of water to the vital clean air generously provided by our oxygen-releasing trees. Our hemp-derived CBD is of the highest quality and purity available and is formulated to work directly with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help with a range of health benefits.

NATURE KNOWS BEST, and we believe in nature
as the key to sustained health and wellness for our community.



Our mission is to provide the community with wellness products that are derived from nature, completely safe and of the highest quality available. We care deeply about our mission and earning the trust of those we serve.

We use industry best practices for safe and effective growing, harvesting and extraction in order to yield the highest quality CBD available. Our CBD products are third-party lab tested and the Lab Reports can be found here.

All of our products are 100% natural, organically grown, vegan, non-GMO and sourced responsibly from licensed farms in the US. We use a supercritical CO2 extraction process designed to protect the full integrity of the CBD, terpenes and flavonoids. While this is an expensive process, we believe it helps us deliver the cleanest and purest product possible.

Meet the Founders

Jason Test


Like many of you, I was an active kid and played sports throughout my childhood and beyond.  I certainly took my fair share of beatings on the football field in high school and I didn’t really think twice about the toll this might take on my body over the long term.

Now in my mid-40s, aches, pains, pulls and strains are a fact of life.  I certainly feel the effects of an active lifestyle. One day about 6 years ago I was lounging in a hotel lobby in Santa Monica, California sipping a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper (yes a real newspaper). As I hunched over reading for about a half hour, I was completely unaware of the stress I was putting on my lower back for such a long time.  As I stood up to leave… I felt a sharp, knife-like pain in my lower back which literally threw me to the floor.  My back had seized up and I needed wheelchair assistance back to the hotel room.

This was a wake-up call for me and I began to learn about how to prevent episodes like this as well as how to manage the pain when they do occur.  I started living a healthier lifestyle and staying physically fit and in recent years I began to learn about and experiment with CBD. As I grow older, this has helped me manage everyday aches and pains and sustain that active lifestyle. I love being healthier for my family and appreciate that I can still outrun my kids at the park.  Knowing what I know now about CBD I wish I would have discovered it much sooner!

Byron Carlisle


I grew up as the son of a Physician playing a multitude of sports and during my “hockey years” broke numerous bones, blew out knees, knocked out my front tooth (that was a good look) and always received “pills” to ease the pain. I remember many of the doctors telling me “when you get older, this injury or that injury is probably going to bother you”. Yeah, right…I was a teenager, invincible and getting old was a million years away. I’ve stayed active my entire life from playing tennis, running, swimming and working out at the gym… but my biggest love of all has always been windsurfing. I literally moved across the country to San Francisco to pursue my passion.

It was during the 26 years of my life I spent in California that I discovered that there are actually very effective, if not better, natural alternatives to some traditional medicine. I’m by no means insinuating that traditional medicine is a bad thing nor should it be ignored. I’m simply stating that from my own experience, I’ve found that CBD in its various forms has significantly increased my quality of life.

I’ve immersed myself in learning all I can about hemp derived CBD. From endless hours online reading articles and studies, attending cannabis conferences and meeting with the industry’s leading authorities to simply speaking with our own customers. Based on my research and personal journey there is absolutely no doubt that CBD is safe and effective for relief caused by a myriad of aliments and injuries. I’m now 50+ and living proof that it works!

Marilyn Prado


Born in the Philippines and raised in the US, I was always surrounded by family members who believed wholeheartedly in natural remedies and a holistic approach to wellness. This lifestyle I learned at home was somewhat counter to what I was learning in the outside world.  Processed foods, microwaves, chemical-based cleaners, and prescription medicine were the norm. I remember thinking my family was behind the times with wellness practices based on old wifes’ tales, folklore and witchcraft. I used to shake my head in disbelief in their primitive ways.  Lol.

Now, many years later, as a proud mother of two beautiful children, I find myself reflecting with great respect on the simple holistic solutions and remedies practiced by my family.  A sign of the times.  As a society at large, I think we are all more conscious of what we put in our bodies, how we are impacting the environment and what nature really has to offer.  The pendulum has clearly swung back towards simple, clean, holistic, “from the earth” and I try hard to live that lifestyle for myself and my family.  Yup, I’ve become my Mother in the new age.

Using essential oils and herbs for years lead me on a natural wellness journey that introduced me to CBD, which has made a big difference for me personally.  Now in my 40’s, CBD has purpose in my life… helping maintain a sense of calm and focus as well as helping with sleep, anxiety, and arthritis. I hope you enjoy the KINDNESS of our CBD as as much as I do!

We started KindUrth with the core value that the Earth is KIND — sustaining life, health and wellness for all beings who inhabit this wonderful planet. Urth places emphasis on “U” as in “You” and “Us” in our shared responsibility to show KINDNESS to the Earth. As world population continues to grow at an accelerated pace, this kindness to the earth will become increasingly important for the sustainability of humanity and all life on Earth. 

With so many undiscovered wonders, science is just now beginning to understand the power of the cannabis, hemp plant. We believe in harvesting its therapeutic value, in a sustainable way, to help people and animals live happier healthier lives and do more of what they love.


Our Passion


Our hemp-derived CBD products are offered with KINDNESS through our online store, brick and mortar retailers and importantly through healthcare professionals who believe in our products and recommend them with confidence. We feel fortunate and thankful to have so much positive feedback from states like California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego), Washington (Seattle), Oregon (Portland), Arizona (Phoenix), New York (NYC), New Jersey, Massachusetts (Boston), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Illinois (Chicago), Kentucky (Louisville), Indiana (Indianapolis), Georgia (Atlanta), Texas (Dallas, San Antonio) and Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Miami).  We are thrilled to see so much attention on the value of hemp and in particular cannabinoids like CBD. As clinical research results come in over the next few years we are excited to hear more about the efficacy of CBD for anxiety, stress, sleep, pain, inflammation, muscle and joint pain, workout recovery, sports injury, and many more common concerns.

KIND wellness